Practice Tips and Tools!

Learning is a process and you won't always be successful your first attempt. With this in mind, we take a growth mindset approach where achievement is obviously valued, however true success is found from growing every single day.

Here are some quick tips to make your practice more efficient:

  • Set Goals

  • Warm up first

  • Spend time on fundamentals

  • Practice with intent, don't just "run it"

  • Practice things you need to work on, not the things you're already successful at

  • Isolate small chunks (4ish bars)

  • Start Slow then speed up

  • Identify the specific skill you struggle with

  • Break down the music into pieces (Just rhythm, Notes with no rhythm, specific articulation, etc.)

  • Looping

  • Practice in smaller sessions more often (Avoid super long sessions)

  • Take Breaks

  • Write yourself notes (What worked what didn't)



  • Tonal Energy

  • Google Free Metronome

  • Pro Metronome


  • Tonal Energy

  • Search Youtube: "Cello Drone ___"

  • Practica

Recording Devices: One of the greatest tools around!

  • Your phone!

  • Chromebook (Not the best)

  • School Microphones


  • Tonal Energy

  • Tuner and Metronome

Drum Machine Apps: (Fun Metronome):

  • Drum Loops

  • Loopz


  • Spotify

  • Youtube