Teaching Marching Band with Centaurus High School (Summer 2019)

About Me

        I am currently a Junior at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in Music Education and Tuba Performance with an emphasis on Secondary Band. Even as a child, I have been fascinated by the way music can explicitly tell stories or emote past the height of words and because of this it has always given me great joy to listen to, practice, and perform. As a student, I noticed the benefits of the musical community and the excitement of making music. As an educator my passion lies in passing on these experiences just as my teachers have done for me.


        I started my instrumental music career in 5th grade at Fireside Elementary with one of my greatest mentors, Dan Pinkston. He combined his musical passion with the foundation I needed and created a space where I felt pushed and inspired, finding myself more and more attached to my instrument and the things it could do. During middle school, at Monarch K-8, Dan helped my skills grow and became an excellent role model as a musician and person. At Monarch high school, I hit my stride while working with Claire Church, Steve Vaughn, and Chuck Stephen. These three all taught in very different ways, but through their support I felt comfortable to be myself, experiment, and grow. I look to each of these three endlessly for the techniques they used to cultivate a culture of creativity and growth. In High School I knew that I wanted to take music further, something that lead me to perform with Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps, look for outside performance opportunities, and begin to teach private lessons.


        As the years have gone by my pursuit for excellence has always been driven by one thing: my students.  The thought of giving back and overseeing their musical development excites me, and although my passion for music is an integral part of who I am, I learned many valuable lessons from those years: communication, collaboration, and the importance of perseverance and integrity. Through detailed curriculum design focusing on student growth and achievement I work to create activities where students can express themselves, be creative, and grow in technical ability. Ultimately, I work to inspire students to engage with music for a lifetime, walking away as life-long learners and better people. If I can give my students the same love and support I received from my teachers, I will have succeeded.


Outside of music, I’ve always been enthralled with nature, spending most of my free time hiking, fly fishing, and camping.