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Hi! My name is Evan Allenson and I am a active music educator and performing musician in the Boulder area with an emphasis on secondary band. I will be receiving degrees in Music Education and Tuba Performance from the University of Colorado in May. I am passionate about student growth and achievement and as a Colorado native I strive to elevate the community through my work. I'm always lookin for more opportunities to teach, perform, and perfect my craft. 

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My Philosophy and Goals

Working to serve my students and ignite their passion for music, my teaching is incredibly student centered and driven. I work to create safe environments where students feel trusted, valued, and most importantly have the opportunity to grow. I strive for experiences that cultivate growth instead of results as the process of creating music is most important. My previous teacher and mentor said it best, "We do music for music's sake," and I couldn't agree more. 

Some Objectives/Goals:​

  • Community growth enabling everyone to experience music

  • Foster environment that creates personal and group development leading to life-long learners, service-oriented and morally upstanding people

  • Provide students with an appreciation for the music they create and its cultural context

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Students Success Stories

"I can vouch! My 13 year old son has been taking tuba lessons from Evan and he's fantastic!! Evan is reliable, prepared, and truly understands the needs of evolving musicians. My son has grown a LOT over the last year!"

Sarah Kathryn

Graeme Appel, Jake Ashpole, Elyse Cutforth, Mallory Deneau, Allex Gregory, Tian Klomp Znidarsic, Troy Welty, Daniel Weaver

Accepted into CSU Honor Band!

"I am eternally grateful to have you as a teacher. I have learned so much from you and you have reawakened my love for band."

Sophomore Tuba

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